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Our two education insurance plans are
simple and affordable.

Your children’s wellbeing and their future is precious. With our education insurance
cover, they continue to receive the education you’ve always wanted for them even
if you pass away or become disabled.

Compare Plans

  • Term Education Protection
  • Sum assured benefit (payable upon death)
  • Funeral expenses
  • Critical illness benefit
  • Permanent disability benefit
  • Term Education Savings Plan
  • Sum assured benefit (payable upon death)
  • Funeral expenses (up to a maximum of 10% or N500,000)
  • Critical illness benefit (70% of sum assured)
  • Permanent disability benefit (the sum assured or account balance, whichever is higher)
  • Accidental death benefit (twice the sum assured)
  • Full repayment of contributions plus interest at maturity

Ensure continues to pay your children’s school fees until this benefit is exhausted.

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