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Our home insurance plans are straightforward, affordable
and give you and your family maximum peace of mind

Where you live is more than just a roof over your head, it’s your home. If you lose any home contents or precious valuables we’ll replace your loss − quickly. Building insurance covers damages arising from fire and other disasters. Contents insurance covers damage and loss by theft or burglary, natural disasters and fire.

The Ensure Home Insurance Plan also offers:
– 15 % Cash back after 24 months without a claim –
– Liability for third party losses up to 50% of sum insured –
– Cover on items you take out and about, whether you’re at home or on holiday –
– This cover includes an excess of 10% of sum insured –
– Prompt claim settlement from time of notification –

  • Building
    We will cover damages that arise as a result of fire and other disasters.
  • Contents
    Damage to content from theft/burglary, natural disasters and fire. Your laptop, camera, TV, jewelry, iPad and furniture are some of the items covered.

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